I have a game for iOS named "The Robbery". What can I do find investment to improve the game, and to have a good marketing campaign?

The game contains 25 levels(You are in a different room each level and you need to find clues to crack the safe). Each level has unique design, unique graphics, and that cost me a lot of time as a developer and good investment in the graphics. I'm at the point where I need extra resources to improve the game(Hire a coder, artist and be able to work with them full-time), and to market the game. I love the game, and I think it has great potential, but I need to put it into people's hands. The game in live on the AppStore, but without any marketing budget till now. What advices do you have?


Raising capital for a game in todays world is no different then raising money for a movie as it's a "hits business". Find other people who have raised money and ask them who they got money from, then try and convince them that you'll be able to make them money with your game.

It's really that simple.

1) Create a list of all games you know that have raised money
2) Cold email the CEO/Founder (tip:
3) Get them on a call for advice
4) If they like you, ask them who invested and if they'd make an intro
5) Persuade the investors you're a good investment.

Outside of that, get a bunch of credit cards, ask your friends and family or max out your available credit.

If you think $1 invested can generate $1.50 - then invest yourself on credit.

That's how many people have done it, including myself.

Answered 7 years ago

Great answer Dan. I will add to the list, find people who are influential in the game space and cold call them too. Their feedback is more important than their money, but you may get both.

Answered 7 years ago

I'm personally a bit reluctant to look at my personal credit cards as funding source, especially for a highly competitive venture like a video game.

I personally had a hard time finding the game on the iTunes store. There's next to no press coverage or google hits for it. That's the lowest hanging fruit to generate awareness and interest.

You have 5 reviews with a respectable 3 1/2 (out of 5) stars. One strategy I've used successfully is to create a champion team or early adopters (which is difficult once the game is already launched) and asked them to review the game honestly for either a free copy (if paid) or fully unlocked (if F2P) as yours. You're not telling them you require positive reviews, but most people that take you up on this will be positive. The game, of course, has to stand on its own.

Once you generate both positive press interest and coverage (write every major blogger that covers mobile games and soft sell them on taking a look at the game or hire a PR freelancer that can do this for you) and positive reviews (which may also move you onto "what's hot" and "editor's choice" iTunes Store categories) you have a much better pitch for potential investors.

However, first question they will ask is how the game is selling or, in this case, how the monetization is going since it's F2P. Hope that helps.

This may also be of help:

Answered 7 years ago

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