I Need a way to get My service out in the general Public

I have a free service for companies. We do Removal and pickups of unwanted items. We do this for many companies from Tv stations to Hospitals. We do as needed pickups and full clean outs. We never charge a dime. Im blown away by the fact that every company that uses are service signs us for all of their locations. They all tell me Im setting on a gold mine. I do tv stations and they all say they will do a piece on me but the folks that put the shows together don't find my service a interesting piece for the people who watch the news. I do the biggest paper in my state and they cant get me even an small place in the paper. I saved them like 40k last year alone. I started my company to help American Business save money and grow. I want to help the economy and the news is always saying "Who is going to help" , Well Here I am !!! I want to get some advertising so that the companies that need me can find me. I talk to a lot of companies and they always say that once the word gets out Ill go big time. I cover a few states and its not hard to find the companies that need my service. They all need it but some are months and months out. I want to advertise so the companies come to me and not the other way around. I have a huge following from word of mouth. I just want to get exposure so I can not only help companies but grow as well.


First, this is such a cool thing you're doing for the sake of serving humanity and the greater good. Don't give up on the media outlets, though, you may be able to come up with a newsworthy angle as your own "Brand Story" develops. Stories are everywhere.

I'm assuming you have social media accounts? There are various ways you can capitalize on Facebook, twitter and Pinterest just to name a few off the top of my head. What you do just needs crafted into a compelling story that people can connect with.

Things you've mentioned like:Saving a Company 40K in one year, not charging $$, and saving the American Business Money to Grow are all marketable stories.

Can I ask, What have you done so far? Anything at all?

Have you attempted to use Social Media?

Answered 8 years ago

One way or another, you're going to spend money and/or time putting yourself where you can be found. Don't be afraid to spend money on publicity. Sometimes that's more efficient than putting in hours or "free" leg work. After all, your time is worth money.

Basically, you want to insert yourself into those moments and places where a qualified company is looking for a service like yours -- or, at least, would be open to hiring you if they discovered you exist.

You seem to be thinking mostly about scattering news stories about your company in broad outlets like TV news. However, in my opinion, you should look at more focused, niche advertising. Appearing on the nightly news once may feel good. Getting lots of likes on Facebook may make you feel like you're getting a lot of admiration and buzz. But how many of those people can actually hire you?

I'd look at 2 options: (1) SEM such as Google AdWords, and (2) Domain-based or content marketing. I have some sense of #1, but I'm a specialist in #2.

Answered 8 years ago

You need to define your story. Were do the items go? If it is computers you have a HIPPA issue to worry about. If you are repurposing the items then selling them, then what is the value to the "giving" company. Think Goodwill - if your org is a non profit the giving companies can write off the donation.

If you are profiting I would give some of the items to charity and small business owners. And make it a community initative, then you will get publicity.

Answered 8 years ago

You may think “advertising” is the key but know that advertising is just one form of marketing. It is a tool for marketing. Without understand your brand strategy, there is not a right way to determine if advertising is the one of the best tools to get the word out. And before marketing, you have thinking about branding. Creating the right brand will determine who you should market.

Answered 8 years ago

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