Specific practices to look the part of a premium/high-end brand? (For a B2B Internet Marketing Corporation)

We are a very quickly growing internet marketing corporation, but are trying to find specific ways we could better look the part of a premium/high-end brand. Should we send invoices and company correspondence via physical mail or e-mail? What other specific practices would make us better look the part and appear to be a premium brand? We may reach out to responders for further consulting who provide quality answers.


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Please clarify: 1. What does it means "part of a premium / high end brand? Is your delivery premium and high end? Why did your sustomers prefferred you? What are your more relevant diferentials?

Answered 7 years ago

The first impression I get from your website will say a lot about your corporation. In addition, the copy used on web pages will play a roll as well. Pictures of your staff, offices and even your location can potentially affect that perception. Finally, the brands you currently work with can potentially position your agency.

In regards to correspondence, it's all about the type of treatment I get from your company. How professional you sound on the phone, the choice of words in emails, how considerate you are about my needs, how flexible your are with my tight schedule and so on. It's almost like having a concierge ready to help you out whenever you have a request. Adding a nice touch such as a high end welcome kit or a handwritten letter thanking them for their business or an unexpected gift can be viewed as something different and unique.

When I buy a BMW, I'm buying the whole experience of having that car. I'm treated like a person who owns a BMW and not a Toyota.

Hope this helps.

Answered 7 years ago

Hey there, I'm Laura Hison and I Live and Breathe New Age Brand Building.

As an answer to your specific question, Company correspondence should be defaulted to email in the digital age. However, the theme of 2014 that will largely catapult Brands to the top is : Personalization and Personalized Options. You can opt to give your clients the choice to receive correspondence via snail mail or email. Most businesses don't want the extra hassle of papers nor do the accountants or other departments. :) However, the fact that you asked is enough to give a substantive tug at the right heart strings and associate your Brand with custom accommodations, which is a goal when launching to premium status. These small things are what matters.

Also, I'd ask if you have defined a USP (Unique Selling Point) in place? This is truly the starting point for Brand Strategy. Everything builds off of that.

Keep in mind, though, what is Valuable and what is perceived as VALUE are two different things whether we're talking B2B or not. Businesses are made up of consumers and consumers equate VALUE with "stuff." Take the American Express Centurion A.K.A. "Black Card" for example. It is a tiny piece of plastic and it costs a pretty penny, or two, to be able to call yourself a Black Card Holder(around 10K the first years for US members).

WHY do people choose to own one? They want the premium status associated with owning it and that status only exists because of the perceived VALUE that it delivers. We as Business folks (talented in a particular craft) perceive value in products or services totally different than a person buying the said products or services. More Stuff= More value = Premium Status. The Black Card comes in a Gigantic Box, a Suave book bag, and uber fancy packaging... with exclusive rewards unlike any other card.

With all that said, there are countless ways for your internet marketing corporation to be the Black Card of digital solutions... and beyond.

The point is personlization, custom options, exclusivity, packaging structure that doesn't seem "packaged" but also promotes loyalty driven, long-term service plans, engagement via personally branded Social Media apps, oh the many choices ;)

In alignment with your vision, a simple app that could allow clients to log in and check reports, metrics, invoices, have access to premium support, and a completely customized and flexible interface is just one way to put the WOW factor in your current Business model.

Operationally, I'd have to know more about your processes and U.S.P to give specific insight.

To wrap up though, the major shift in achieving a Premium Status through Brand Building today vs. the last 20 years lies within culture, empathy and client advocacy rather than the old-school, super professional image achieved by "I'm Bigger, Better, Smarter, Faster, etc" or any track record.
In our digitized world, People are activated and making buying decisions based solely on the intangibles more than ever and this topic will become more important as we become more "digital." So the "HOW" necessary to achieve your goals can be creatively defined once the "Why" is fleshed out in more detail. ;)

Answered 7 years ago

Establish yourself as an authority in your niche. Do this with effective content marketing that educates the business owner to do what they do better, smarter and with ease. Offering content via blog posts, infographics or short videos is a way to ensure you have the experience and know-how to be viewed in the same light as the major players in your field.

Invoice delivery and such is easier online but if the client isn't tech savvy this creates a hurdle for them. There is never anything wrong with accommodating a client's needs and later hand-holding them for smarter methods such as online invoices but it is best done in baby step.

For example a dry cleaner who's always purchased supplies in-person may not immediately respond to a company that offers these supplies online but after 6 months of a steady relationship with physical invoices and personal delivery they are likely to be OK with converting.

Answered 2 years ago

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