Pat AhernPartner, Growth Strategist at Intergrowth

Partner @ Intergrowth (02/16-Present)
Head of SEO @ AdVision (10/15-11/16)
SEO consultant @ pahern media (11/13-01/16)
Head of Marketing @ Vault Collective (8/14-9/15)
Inbound Marketing Analyst @ Edvisors (5/12-8/13)

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Assuming your website is not brand new, I would recommend first analyzing your existing analytics platform to identify what is currently working well, and what is no working in terms of driving qualified website visitors to your site. From there, you can follow the pareto rule of identifying the 20% of efforts that are driving 80% of results, and focus all future efforts around that 20%.

I've written about this much more in detail here:

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