How Offering Financing Will Give You a Competitive Edge


Companies that provide financing options will create a viable business model and attract long-term customers from a variety of backgrounds.

Podcast Episode

Bouncing Back From Failure


Most Startups fail. But we never actually think it could happen to ours. In today's episode, we discuss how to bounce back from failure, why it's not as bad as it sounds, and share our own stories of past failures.


Where’s the Money? Takeaways From SheWorx100 Summit – NYC


Pre-seed. Seed. Series A. Series B. Growth capital. Term sheets. Valuations. Cap Tables. Convertible notes. Market opportunity. Venture Capital. Angel investment. Equity Crowdfunding. Family offices.


Self-doubt, schmelf trout — a pep talk


Self-doubt is natural even for the most confident of people, but you have to learn to push through it. Your business may depend on it.


Samuel F. Poirier: “I Think To Succeed, You Need To Become Mentally Strong Enough To Ignore These Dark Times”


Samuel F. Poirier shares his journey as a young entrepreneur and the challenges that he has faced both personally and professionally to get to startup success.


I've Lost Interest In My Startup — What Do I Do?


Nothing lasts forever — even the interest in our own startups.


Meet the Crowd2Shelf Winners: Now Available in Staples Store


The winners of the Crowd2Shelf contest share how they’ve grown into the incredible startup product companies they are today.


How To Bounce Back From Startup Failure


Startup failure isn't about just losing money — it's personal.


Nancy Duarte: Get Creative With Your Startup Presentations


Nancy Duarte, author and Co-Founder of Duarte Designs, shares how to make your startup presentation more effective by being both creative and comfortable.


9 Tips for Negotiating With Key Vendors


9 successful entrepreneurs share their tips for negotiating with the vendors who provide key services to their businesses.

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