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I completed a PhD at UC Berkeley, and continue to publish both academic work and cybersecurity-related information for my consulting practice, Broad Daylight. I produce about ten, peer-reviewed papers per year, and countless reports to clients. The biggest challenge I've faced: Trying to nail pr...


Hi , I can understand your pain, this is like a open old wound again - when she contact you , in any break up we go trough all this five stages in one point or other denial (when you refuse to accept reality , cause for you is happen so fast), anger and blame towards everything , bargaining and p...


There is always space for expansion, even in crowded markets like hosting services. At the end of the day, all that matters is whether you have a good product and whether your audience can see the value in it or not. If you are entering into crowded market, then, the first thing to do is do a th...


Thank you for posting your question. I took a look at the site and to be honest, it was difficult for me to understand the problem you solve. I started scrolling through your site to get a better idea, which is not a good indicator. I would make it extremely clear about what you do and what pro...


You can fund your new Corporation bank account by depositing personal funds into that Corporation account for initial capital for the business. That investment can be classified as a loan to the Corporation or may be for issued stock shares of the Corporation (a needed conversation). I can help ...


Hey, Wordpress is a good choice if you only want to display products, videos, and blogs. Wordpress is pretty fast. So, it will certainly help you in scoring high in terms of speed. Mobile and desktop experience can also be balanced. That said, almost everything depends on finding a Wordpress the...


Hi: Ultimately, this is between you and your tax preparer, but given that the 1099-MISC includes a section for rent paid, it certainly reinforces this key expense as a distinct cost of doing business. Meanwhile, the nonprofit will appreciate being able to point to non-donation revenue. Good luck...


When you open a bank account for your corporation, you'll need to make an initial deposit with your personal funds. A shareholder's initial contribution can be recorded as either debt or equity. If you want to record the initial contribution as equity, you would debit cash for the amount deposi...


You answered your own question when you said "I built it for me, but feel that it has commercial viability for many others." Other than what you said, what problem did you design it to solve? Who are "many others"? What problem do they have? Why not cruise the Excel forums on the MS support s...


If you're in marketing, a great way to attract people to your website is through blogs writing. There are so many topics you can write about. Teach people something and they will come vack for more. The important thing when writing a blog is not selling your product. You have to write something u...


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