Want to Disrupt and Innovate? You Can’t Do It Without Books


Without a doubt, reading and learning is one of the most essential ingredients to becoming a stronger entrepreneur. As a learning enthusiast who travels everywhere with a paperback, I’ve recently joined the ranks of Blinkist downloaders. Unfamiliar with the name?

Blinkist allows you to quickly digest books by offering condensed versions of hot sellers in the form of voiceover narratives. It’s great for entrepreneurs who can’t seem to keep up with Bill Gates’ penchant for reading 50 books a year. I prefer the feel of a traditional book, but it’s a nice stopgap when I’m short on time.

When I do have a few hours over the weekend, I turn on my meditation app and block out some “chill” time. (Thank you to my loving wife who und...


Travel website development

Aarav George


If you are planning to setup your travel business online, get in touch with us. We are here to help you find all the travel portal development related solutions.

TravelPD ( is an India based travel and tourism website development services company, provides custom websites and booking engines with trending technologies like AI, Blockchain, Chatbot, Virtual reality (VR) etc.


How to Craft a Business Travel Policy for Your Startup That Saves You Time and Money


Millennials in the workforce prefer experiences over other forms of compensation. This generation would rather travel to new places and try new things than toil away in a cubicle and receive an annual bonus check.

This is good news for companies that are eager to attract young talent without resorting to stratospheric salaries. But placing a greater priority on business travel creates a different set of cost concerns.

Millennials have proven to be more willing than older generations to splurge on the company dime when traveling. Because many consider business travel as a working vacation, they are generally less interested in traveling frugally.

This puts smaller companies and startups in a difficult spot. Making business travel a regular p...


5 Things To Splurge On For Startup Business Travel


What are some aspects of business travel that startup leaders absolutely must invest in to help their companies in the long run?

Almost every traveler has an opinion about what’s worth the splurge, from programs like Global Entry to more indulgent items like upgrades and private guides. But unlike individual travelers, a company can’t use a single nice suitcase or pair of comfortable shoes for all its employees’ subsequent trips, so what should a business spend money on to make travel as productive, painless, and cost-effective as possible?


Here are my top five ideas:

1. Time

The old adage is true — saving time means money in business travel. An extra hour spent working is more useful than spending that hour in the back of a taxi or...

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