How to Create a Customer Service Culture on People Power


The biggest brands in the world become what they are with the help of one elusive ingredient: customer loyalty. In a world over-saturated with scattershot marketing messages, successful companies take the time to truly get to know their customers — their motivations, fears, ideas, and priorities — and tackle customer service with relentless dedication.

If you’re an entrepreneur, this is good news and bad news.

The bad news? You’re likely competing against established brands that have worked for years — or even decades — to build loyalty among customers.

The good news? You can make customer-service commitment part of your company’s mission early on and be hyper-focused on giving a smaller number of customers the best experiences possible.



How to Navigate the Impact Investing Landscape


The term Impact Investing was coined in 2007 to refer to “investments made with the intention of generating both financial return and social and/or environmental impact”. Less than a decade later, impact investing now boasts $77B in assets, with $15B invested in 2015 alone — a 30% increase from the previous year — and is expected to grow by a factor of ten over the next ten years. For comparison, $141B was invested in venture capital worldwide in 2015, but experienced a decline of 10% in 2016 in total deal funding.

With such growing interest in this approach to investing from a great variety of stakeholders, impact investing inevitably means different things to different people ranging from investments in luxury car manufacturer Tesla, to ...


Investing in the Retail of the Future




“Many people in the startup ecosystem tell you that it’s true that you learn more from failure than from success, and I agree. I learned so much from the failure of my startup, most particularly and importantly, that it’s okay to fail. Our culture rewards success above all, so it can be hard to tell your family, your friends and your colleagues that you’ve had to shut down your business because it just wasn’t successful. It was personally wrenching. I hated those conversations and tried to avoid having them in the early days after we shut down the business. But as I started to talking to other entrepreneurs, friends and former colleagues, many had a failure story of their own, and had used that experience to be more successfu...


11 Things to Look for When Investing in a Startup


Question: What is one thing to look for when investing in a startup?

The following answers are provided by members of Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), an invite-only organization comprised of the world’s most promising young entrepreneurs. In partnership with Citi, YEC recently launched BusinessCollective, a free virtual mentorship program that helps millions of entrepreneurs start and grow businesses.

How Customer Focused They Are

I ask every founder, “How many sales calls did you make in the last week?” If founders spend more time perfecting features than speaking with potential customers, their focus is in the wrong place. They might have a great product. It might look like a business. But without customers, it’s not a...


Leapfrogging Venture Capital at Home and Abroad via Impact Investing


Venture capital (VC) is an important driver of the U.S. economy, spurring both economic growth and employment. But traditional VC rewards shareholder profit over shared prosperity, accumulating the benefits of that economic growth in just very few hands. Instead, can we leverage the upside of VC financing to fight poverty where economic growth and employment are most needed both at home and abroad? Some of us think that we can.

How much does VENTURE CAPITAL drive the U.S. economy?

This is the question that two scholars set out to answer. They quantified the long-term impact of venture capital in the economy of the United States, considering only publicly traded companies — those for which reliable information is available.

As of 2013, VC-b...

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