Getting Clarity With Quarterly Off-Site Meetings


Office distractions take many forms: checking emails throughout the day, responding to text messages, making phone calls, responding to Skype requests, having quick meetings, and even figuring out what’s for lunch. All of these sap our daily decision-making “battery” (yes, science has proven we can only make so many decisions during a day) and subtract from our ability to focus on what’s most important.

For these reasons, I’ve found that quarterly meetings that are unplugged and off-site are a reliable way to get more clarity about where my team and I are going, what’s working, and what isn’t working.

Why Go Off-Site?

My friend Leo Patching, one of the most seasoned, successful entrepreneurs I know, calls an off-site meeting a chance to get...


Announcing the Acquisition of and Launch of


Friends — today I’m excited to share two very big announcements and to give you a peek at what’s in store for 2015.

We’ve Acquired

Yep, the family just keeps growing.

Clarity was founded by well-known serial entrepreneur Dan Martell to help Founders get personal advice from startup experts in every field, from marketing to fundraising to product development.

Over 4,000 experts have joined Clarity, and last year alone they spent more than 181,026 minutes on the phone helping entrepreneurs. To put that in perspective, that means that 1 out of every 3 minutes of the day (or night) someone on Clarity is on the phone helping a Founder. It’s awesome.

They’ve also created a fantastic Q&A product where Founder...

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