I have an idea and I am looking to take it to the next step by developing a MVP. What do you recommend I do? Hire a freelance web developer, find a co-founder, find a mentor?

First, hat tip to you for being a young entrepreneur. Keep it up!

If you have the funds to build out your MVP, hire a developer and possibly a mentor. If your idea is marketable, you don't need to give up equity by bringing in a co-founder.

If this is your entrepreneurial venture, I would recommend you do retain a coach to help you see all the things you may not know.

Have you already done your SWOT analysis? Have you identified your target market? What is your marketing plan? What will be your operating expenses?

There are lots of questions to ask. If you would a free call, I'd be happy to help you in more detail.

Just use this link to schedule your free call...

Best regards,

Kevin McCarthy

Answered 8 years ago

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