Many large companies worry about investing in a product or service provided by a small company. They fear you don't have the staying power. We are only 10 employees but we have many customer success stories including some very large companies. Looking for unique ideas on how to answer this question in a way that plays more to our benefit.

What an awesome question! Businesses are running into this issue more frequently that ever, good news is, it can be done. Having worked on projects with oDesk, Fox Television and Wikipedia and having a very very small staff, it's certainly possible.

Here's how I say it in our pitches to larger organizations:

"Tractive West provides tailored video production services to organizations of all sizes. We have developed a distributed workflow using the latest digital tools. We leverage our small creative and management team with a world wide network of creative professionals, that means we can rapidly scale to meet the demands of any project while keeping our infrastructure and overhead lightweight and sustainable."

Cheers and best of luck.

Answered 7 years ago

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