Weve got 10,000+ customers and I'd like to get feedback but not leave it too open ended. What are great questions and their intended purpose that I should be asking to learn?

The question is a little broad so hard to answer with something very specific, but as a general rule you really want to identify their objections and constraints. You really want to identify criticisms and negative feedback so you can make the product better.

I had a marketing course which was originally rated 1 and 2 stars by most customers. I went back and asked them what it would take for them to give me 5 stars. I got my answers.

Also, I asked them what it would take for them to tell their friends and they told me, it'd have to be a 5-star course for them to share with friends.

I know this isn't as helpful as could be given I don't know the product, but it should give you food for thought.

Answered 6 years ago

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