What awesome, above average, little things have you heard of a business do that made you say WOW?! What little tactics do you know of that certain businesses execute in their day to day customer interaction that makes them stand out? What ways have you observed a business saying "Thank you" to their clients that is unorthodox but totally awesome!

Studying customer experience is fascinating, and one of my favorite parts of my work as a customer service strategist.

Zappos is one of my favorite examples of incredible customer service. They regularly upgrade orders to overnight shipping and they allow you to return shoes even after you've worn them.

Recently, I had a massage at a nice local spa. I was quite surprised to find a hand written card in my mailbox just two days later from the massage therapist. She thanked me for my business and let me know she looked forward to my next visit. I will only book with her from now on!

It's the little things, truly, that can make you stand out. The upgraded shipping and free returns (of worn shoes, even!) costs Zappos, sure. And the card from the spa took time and thought. But those things stand out in my mind and the minds of other customers.

If you'd like to dive deeper on this, I'd love to schedule a call. Thanks for the question!

Answered 5 years ago

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