We have made some progress with our recent beta mhealth platform and have had offers from 3 of the new healthcare startup incubators, they are similiar in terms of equity and cash deals, how do we decide which one to work with?

Are you first-time entrepreneurs? If not, you might not even need an accelerator. Pitching accelerators is essentially pitching investors, so getting interest from three accelerators is an indication that you might be ready to raise.

If you are first-time entrepreneurs, an accelerator could be beneficial, as it has the potential to greatly accelerate your first raise. Choose the accelerator with the best network. This is the single most important factor. Consider their history with companies similar to yours. The mentors and founder network are good PERKS, but you can build those relationships yourself. What's most valuable is the time saved in building INVESTOR relationships, and a good accelerator can open a lot of doors quickly.

Good luck!

Answered 6 years ago

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