I'm coming from a business/economics background thinking of starting in real estate in New York City.

I have trained for Keller Williams and managed a Coldwell Banker office in Vail, Colorado. (Mountain Resort Homes) All of the answers above are EXCELLENT. The best advice I received when getting into the business was to 1) Treat it like a business, IE if I were my boss, what would I expect out of my employees? Then do it. 2) This includes getting up and going to work from 8-5 sometimes longer. 3) Continuously educate yourself. This business is always changing. 4) Do not forget that you are a salesperson and you need to continually "Sharpen the Saw". Take sales technique classes regularly and practice your scripts over and over believing in them that they work, eventually it becomes natural in your conversations with clients. 5) Dont forget to listen to your clients and hear their needs. 6) Last but not least, know your market inside and out and upside down and talk about it 24/7, this is how you will get business. I would say good luck but its not about luck its about applying yourself and loving what you do! So have fun!

Answered 8 years ago

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