About a year ago I was contacted by several schools to design and build a complete classroom management application for android. I found a developer who agreed to work on it with no down payment but payment on final sale.(later they received good faith money to keep the project going.) When the government shutdown took place the grants the schools were using to pay for the project disappeared and I never even saw one cent. But the programmers misunderstood and instead of building a demo for me to shop around and find new buyers for they built the full version and sent me demos to show to buyers. Since the government shutdown I have not been able to get any schools to try it out and with my extremely limited resources I am not able to market it beyond schools in my area. The design took a little over a year of work and discovery to create and it could be a huge player in schools if deployed properly. The problem I have is that everyone is backing out on me including my investors. Now the programmers want their money as they are seeing everyone else backing out and are demanding payment within the next 4 weeks. I have tried using brokers and websites to sell it but am now at the end of the line. The project has racked up a bill of nearly $100000. I am currently short $70000 to pay off the programmers and am more than willing to take the loss of the 30000 so that this does not leak over into my personal life and threaten my home with the debt. My thing is that I need real advice to get it sold and paid within the next 3 weeks so that it can be over and I can devote my time back to other projects that have healthier ROI with my limited resources.

Please clarify ;) the situation :
- do you have a contract with developers ?
- do you own the app ? or does it belong to the developers until you pay them ?
- why are the developers asking payment ?
- do you have a running app ? which needs does it covers ?
- did you set a company ?
- who are your investors ? why they don't help you ? what do they expect ?
- do you have schools using your app (even for free) ?
- can we see the app features ?
- how many competitors do you have ? what is your unfair advantage ?
- why did you spend one year on this without a real customer ?
- why are you looking for a company rather than paying customers ?
- who are your customers ?
- what are the 3 main problems you solve for your customers ?
- do you know schools that uses classroom management apps ? which apps ? how much does it cost them annually ?
- do you want to stop or continue this project ?
- have you ever heard of "Lean Startup" ?

Answered 7 years ago

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