I've met with some advisors and have proposed the idea of them joining my company advisory board. Compensation will be paid with a small amount of equity. But, questioning what is the right amount to offer? Advisory Objectives: Plan strategy development Assist in recruiting Introductions to investors I've searched online and read some very interesting blogs. such as this one: Im not sure if the 1% is to more or less what i should be offering to the advisor. I have much respect for my advisors and hope to compensate them with the right % for their contributions. *I currently own 100 shares in my company. Im going to change that amount to 10,000 shares. We are a seed stage company but my advisors see great potential in my business and its growth. Happy Holidays Everyone!!

Most advisors get between .25% to 1%.

1% assumed they are VERY important and will be active in either recruiting or raising capital (2 of the most important areas).

Advisors don't do it for the equity - at least they shouldn't - what they want more than anything is recognition from you publicly that they've been helpful to you + feedback loop (follow up) that you're listening and implementing their feedback.

Hope that helps.

Answered 9 years ago

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