We have a v1 being coded by an active advisor and are recruiting on testflight for beta testers. Our app is for reversing lifestyle disease as type two diabetes and hypertension, so I have 20 patients enrolled to test. Also we want to consider B2B model for later sale for health organizations and payers to utilize the app in their populations and have access to the data points of health improvement. I know a number of Health care influencers and CMO's of large organizations, but do we want to engage them this early? Could their seeing a buggy app turn them off from a potentially major B2B Sale? Or should they be encouraged to give us feedback on features early on to lead to B2B sale later on?

Here's my rule for numbers.
100 target customers that I've done customer discovery interviews with.
10 customers (who've paid / given me money)
25 who are active beta testers.

I usually use that order of things as well. I like to get early adopters to give me money to validate their feedback, then 25 to give product feedback to test usage & retention, but in parallel I talk to as many potential customers as possible to learn.

Answered 9 years ago

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