Fortunately I work remotely that I have more time to pursue art career. I do watercolor painting, ceramics, perfume making, rice jewelry, digital art. I have both directions, home crafts and fine arts. Question I am new to Etsy, how to make successful sale? How to sell to Amazon? How to sell to auction? How to reach to gallery? How to do online sale? How to get funding to support my art business? What other platform do you recommend? Thanks.

Another option you have is start looking at creating a simple website, average expense should cost minimum $90 per month with the option to buy online.
As for a free starter, i would recommend Marketplace or Amazon best. You would be having a clear idea of the market offers and you would also be able to have your arts on a competitive rate.
There is the option of also using Alibaba or Wish but this might end up you paying part of the shipment, so not really recommendable for now.

Hope this helps a little.

Answered 7 months ago

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