To date I've focused on the site providing value via posts, interviews with high stature guests, videos, books... All free. I've spoken 1-2-1 with 20-30 subscribers directly over email to validate the idea of building a community with maybe 95% positive response. I'm interested to understand if anyone has been at this point and what the next move is. It would be a paid community so perhaps the challenges I should watch out for in shifting gears between free resources and paid community. Thanks in advance :) Liam

One thing to keep in mind when shifting from a free resource to a paid community (as in a paid subscription) - is to make sure the paid subscription provide more value than the free services.
Second thing to keep in mind is to avoid losing contacts when you switch to paid
That is why many successful entrepreneurs have a product funnel or various levels of offerings from free (newsletters, posts, interviews, videos), another offering for a small fee (subscription based meetings, books, DVD, CDs, web cast presentation/speaking engagements), another offering for mid-priced products/services (workshops, training courses, subscription based training/workshop offerings), higher priced offerings such as one-on-one service and consulting. Each product funnel level focuses on upselling to the next level.
If you would like to discuss in more detail, please give me a call.

Answered 6 years ago

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