Great question! If you are not catching their attention within a few seconds it is going to the recycle bin.

When creating marketing campaigns the first thing I am identifying is, "What is the goal?" Is it to create market awareness, demonstrate market leadership, or to engage with specific decision makers at your target audience?

The goal will define the process and tactics. Then think of what benefit this campaign would provide not only to you but to your prospect or customer.

Whether it's sales or marketing you have to be where your customer is in their process. In most cases it's at no and don't waste my time. Unless they are feeling active pain they are most likely less to engage let alone act. Can you have them feel the unrealized pain? Can you elevate that concern so you can increase their curiosity? A curious prospect is a potential partner.

I recently was working with a company looking to invest in infrastructure. They had many cost benefit analysis scenarios completed. They were looking to get approval for the investment from their ownership. The analysis was well done but it did not identify why they should act now versus waitinig. In the standard SWOT there was too much focus on the S and the O. The W and T are what create the urgency. Doing nothing is an option and the option to do nothing became such a losing proposition that investment became the only option.

I truly enjoy working with partners on these types of challenges. If you ever want to brain storm don't hesitate to schedule a call.

Make it a great day!


Answered 3 months ago

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