my friends and I had the idea of ​​creating an NFT game but we have no idea how to do it, none of us know how to create games and less nft games, consulting me they have told me that we have to develop it but as I say, we have no idea how do it does anyone know how to develop an NFT game?

I wish you good luck
1- Preparing a report on the principles and objectives of the game
2- Preparing a detailed detection of the game's movements
3- Studying the market and the specific age group for the game
4- Studying game companies in foreign and Arab markets
5- Planning a sales and publishing path for the game
6- Sending the initial report to the game companies and requesting a quotation
7- Agreeing with the chosen company how to pay
Tip: If you are not experienced in the field of game programming, you should go to the experts so that the game will be released in a typical form
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Answered a year ago

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