I didn't asked my last question the right way. Here's what the situation is: I have a product named "Melissa". The product is a voice-controlled home automation system. In order to control the system, you should refer to Melissa as in example: "Melissa, make me some coffee". I want to buy a domain but is already taken and the owner is not willing to sell it. Do you have any suggestions what the domain should be? Old domain: Keywords: Melissa(!), home automation, smart home

This reminds me of when Steve Jobs named his computer Apple Lisa -

If the domain represents the product, it needs to be marketed so that everyone knows what Melissa is ( ) which is available.

This way you can educate and provide an introduction of your product. Again you would really need to market that brand persona so there is no confusion that "meeting" Melissa is your home automation system.

Answered 8 years ago

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