I didn't asked my last question the right way. Here's what the situation is: I have a product named "Melissa". The product is a voice-controlled home automation system. In order to control the system, you should refer to Melissa as in example: "Melissa, make me some coffee". I want to buy a domain but is already taken and the owner is not willing to sell it. Do you have any suggestions what the domain should be? Old domain: Keywords: Melissa(!), home automation, smart home

You have a couple of good options:

1. Choose an extension other than .com. Dot-co and dot-biz are obvious choices. You might also get more creative: how about, which uses the Iceland country code and gives you an instant sentence? ("Melissa is ... efficient." "Melissa is ... convenient.")

2. Add a word (preferably a verb) to "Melissa" to create an available domain-- for example,

Happy to talk if you want more information -- I have 20+ years of experience in name development.


Answered 8 years ago

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