I am a marketing consultant based in San Francisco with more inbound requests than I can handle. I am well aware that I could make this an agency, but I am not sure that my margins would support the work. How have other solopreneurs scaled their consulting practices?

We (many individual marketing consultants and some small agencies) collaborate so that we can spread the workload more evenly and get content written and placed quickly.

In this way each person has their own clients, but they may hire others of us to write or place content. This smooths out the feast or famine nature of freelancing.

We publish on each other's sites and as guest authors on larger sites. Sometimes we just write. Sometimes we just assist with placements - whatever is required to get each persons in our collaboration client's work out.

The safest way to do blog outreach for inbound marketing is to have many writers as well as many domains. In this way we multiply our reach beyond what even many large agencies have.

I have Trello boards created specifically for this purpose. If you would like to see them and have me show you exactly how we're doing this just ask. Or if you like you can join our collaboration and take advantage of what I've already built.

Answered 7 years ago

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