Hi i am working on a idea to connect learners of any age with industry experts. A customised MVP is in development. I have to hire the full team from designer to developer for the project and almost reached the limit of budget. I am sole founder and financed project through saving and some loan from friends. I am looking ways to market product in cost effective way and get traction to prove idea. what can be the marketing strategy for me ? How to plan marketing with limited budget? How to prepare marketing plan when i cant spend much on advertisement. Please mentor me. Regards

I would offer your service/platform to student bodies (student council) at universities and high-schools. I assume (but you would need to check) that they are your target audience and by onboarding one university, you would potentially get hundreds/thousands of clients (the students).

Good luck

I am a mentor on, a lecturer, and a startup lawyer. I've successfully helped over 400 entrepreneurs, startups and businesses and I would be happy to help you. After scheduling a call, please send me some background information and the 2 main questions you want answered so that I can prepare in advance (to give you maximum value for your money). My reviews:

Answered 10 months ago

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