I have a skincare brand of organic, natural, vegan, and cruelty-free products. I have 3 products so far and formulas for the rest of the line but it has been very difficult to get sales and I am thinking of selling the inventory that I have (2,500 bottles of each one of my three products), and then analyze how to relaunch the brand. But first, I need to monetize and the only way to do this is by selling my inventory. Should I find a distributor and if so, where do I find a good one?

Securing a professional business coach or a mentor that is affordable and specialize in marketing will be the best investment you can make at this point. They will be able to help you with packaging and messaging that will help you stand out and attract buying customers to you. It may take you awhile but don't give up. If you want to explore some options with me I will be glad to connect.

Answered a year ago

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