Hy i am 17 years old and have always aspired and wished to be a succesful entrepreneur like Jeff Bezos, Elon musk and Bill Gates oneday but i dont know how to start with little or no financial support from anyone and i am also from a middle class family so please i need your advice

You need a good idea that is properly executed, and then get really lucky... you are using the top 0.0001% of entrepreneurs as examples. Forget the money, you need to learn how to grow a business, and at 17 I'm sure you have no clue. Start networking, get a job, learn how business works in the first place before worrying about how to become the next Bill Gates (or just do what he did and steal someone else's software code to peddle as your own...).

I would also encourage you to look for better role models - yeah, these guys are rich, but by most accounts are horrible human beings. I can point you to a lot of successful entrepreneurs who are also good people. They might not be billionaires, but they are still starting and selling businesses worth millions.

Answered 2 months ago

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