Hy i am 17 years old and have always aspired and wished to be a succesful entrepreneur like Jeff Bezos, Elon musk and Bill Gates oneday but i dont know how to start with little or no financial support from anyone and i am also from a middle class family so please i need your advice

when we talk about entrepreneurship there are a lot of things you should consider, and those things are not that much hard but consistency is very hard to maintain. I have divided these into points.

1. Put your idea on paper.
I remember having the best idea in the world thing about it and buff that's gone now because someone calls me and I had to explain to him I don't do a party(being entrepreneurs party just wasting your time where you could have work on next big idea). when we talk about the paper method we can actually see how the business ideas will work out, add some extra information, and boom you know that idea will not work. yes, a lot of time this will happen but that the beauty of this your not wasting a single sec on not so good idea. you just have it and after analysis, you have realized it will not work.

2.Build A Global Product And Let The Markets Confirm
i remember when the signal came everyone in the world wanted to be part of it. but it was exclusive because one tweet, yes that has happened one of the entrepreneurs said when a product is globally accepted that when you realize you are successful. always test your product 1st when you enter the global market sometimes its important for you to realize where you lacking before stepping into the market

3.The team can make (or break) a deal
when you work in a team you realize sometimes people fail and sometimes people save a big chunk of money for the team. the team is sometimes like tug war you being leader standing in front of the market and team support you, there will be a time when team member will fail and let go rope but you will always have someone to support you and help you reach that one place everyone wants.

Answered 2 months ago

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