Hy i am 17 years old and have always aspired and wished to be a succesful entrepreneur like Jeff Bezos, Elon musk and Bill Gates oneday but i dont know how to start with little or no financial support from anyone and i am also from a middle class family so please i need your advice

We are expanding the Guardian CEO invite only program. Regardless of your financial means, We are looking for new or experienced entrepreneurs & business coaches that would benefit from the process, contacts and technologies that led to me building 2 of the fastest growing companies in the US. (2 INC 500s 2 100 mill Cos )

This is a new mentorship program that was guided by former NFL franchise owner and billionaire Red McCombs

We created The Guardian CEO for serious people that may have the deepest pocket and don't want to take on serious debt.

You will get zoom calls, access to our rolodex of contacts and the Trade Secrets that make millionaires. .

Due to this hands on approach, we have limited spots available.

What you get here would normally cost 10s on thousands of dollars.

We are offering this program to a select few at a price that is less than your cell phone bill.

If you are interested send me a note

Answered 2 months ago

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