I run an online language learning platform and would like to expand to B2B clients - for those relocating or needing to brush up language skills for foreign clients. Do I need to offer certification upon completion or something official to get B2B clients on board? What can I do to build trust and demonstrate results?

The switch from B2C to B2B can seem massive - and the differences in requirements can be significant. BUT it is usually easier to pivot from B2C into B2B than starting from scratch.
You understand you current market - what your existing customers get from you and their reasons for using you. So your first step should be understanding what need you can fulfil in a B2B environment - that may be more formal than your current set up - e.g. certification on completion to appease HR and L & D departments, or it may be a degree of tailoring the solution through scaling e.g. a level and type of training designed specifically for that client and a number of their employees.
I would try to make some contacts within the type of businesses you would be aiming at, and see how much you can pick their brains on what needs they have that you could design a solution to solve. Once you understand the problems they have, creating a strategy to pivot into that space and fulfil that need will be more straightforward.
In summary:
1/ Understand your own strengths and current B2C USPs
2. Research into the market by talking to as many people as you can
3. Create a solution that is as close to what you already do successfully, to pivot into that space to solve their problem.
4. Plan a review timeframe.
Happy to discuss further if useful - Good Luck!

Answered 3 months ago

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