I run an online language learning platform and would like to expand to B2B clients - for those relocating or needing to brush up language skills for foreign clients. Do I need to offer certification upon completion or something official to get B2B clients on board? What can I do to build trust and demonstrate results?

Hi. I felt you need to establish an MVP - minimum viable product - for this segment. Since this is a service it is easier to do.

Very briefly. Create a package and test this out on a small segment and numbers - say a language or geography or a language learning need etc. Depending upon feedback modify the package and keep doing fast it till you get feedback it is minimally viable to go to market. Alongside find out what your competitors are doing in this area. You will get very good feedback on questions that you ask and many more in this process. Then go a phase 1 of your sales campaign again in a geography or a high value learning where you offer substantial value compared to your competitors. Along side build a business plan on where you want to go 1-2-3 years ahead.

Hope this helps. Let me know if we should talk to flesh this out. All the best.

Answered 3 months ago

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