Hi there, I am working as an authorized reseller of small brands in the US, and I usually call them or just fill the application on their website, showcasing my online store to convince them to get approval from management. Now, I would like to expand my product category by going to the big brands(for example NVIDIA). I am aware that, the bigger the company is, the more people are involved in the decision of getting approved. Some of them require having annual sales history, physical stores and etc. My question is: Would I need something more to get more chance of approval rate with my current set up? My setup is : 1. Having a trust-worthy online store 2. A solid system to drive targeted traffic to my store 3.Good Customer Support(with help of chatbots and people) 4. Upsell & Cross-sells strategies to Increase Lifetime Value of customers. Thanks!

You can write a letter to the brand manager & apply for approval to sell the items of their brand.

Answered a year ago

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