What are some of the best marketing sales strategies to increase sales.

there are a lot of answers here with some great technical ways to increase sales. That's all fantastic, what are you doing to engage people? Are you going in groups on facebook and developing relationships? Here's an idea, go on a facebook group for weddings and look for people asking jewelry-related questions. Answer them with no expectations. Maybe after you do that for a few weeks and people know you as the expert jewelry lady, they're listening when you ask them to check out your website for rings. Instagram is probably where you're going to shine. Jewels are shiny, take great pics of your stuff, then post them. Get bigger pages to promote your page, this can be done for about $40 for a 24 hour run. It gets you followers and followers become customers. You want and need eyeballs. Maybe do a youtube video where you help people understand a misunderstood thing about jewelry. Whatever people are curious about? What is the difference between a pear stone and a whatever stone, why you should have a wedding ring and wedding band. Why men's bracelets are all the rage.

Answered 2 months ago

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