The market research is done now looking to hire someone two develop MVP. I have to queries; First: should I hire a development team or freelancers to develop the idea? Second: After development, QA and release do I need a development team on permanent payroll for support?

It depends on what you want to do after the MVP has been developed. The resources available to you will determine what to do. If your resources are limited, then it is advisable to hire freelancers who would earn by the hour and move on. If your resources is a bit on the high side, then you should gather a development team.
Whatever you do, know that if you intend to take the product to the top- which I assume you do, then it is better to get a development team that will work on the product from scratch. This will enable them to already be familiar with the developmental stages of the product. Unlike if you chose freelancers, the movement of product from MVP stage will be difficult and you will probably have to pay more to a new set of freelancers to understand the initial MVP stage. It means in simple terms, if you hire freelancers you get to pay twice cos you may not be able to gather the same team of freelancers but not so with the development team.

Answered 2 months ago

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