The market research is done now looking to hire someone two develop MVP. I have to queries; First: should I hire a development team or freelancers to develop the idea? Second: After development, QA and release do I need a development team on permanent payroll for support?

You're at an exciting stage, well done for getting this far.

Having been in a similar experience we decided to go for a development team with a small company that specialized in helping startups bring products to market - they are called

The reason I went for a small development team was that they understood all facets of the business and the CEO lead the product spec phase with me which was incredibly useful.

When you're creating an MVP I found it very important to have not only a development team with expertise in development but also in product design, to create a great product from a user's perspective which aligned with what customers needed as well as how we needed the product to work business-wise.

This may not be the best solution for everyone but it worked well for us even post MVP for a year, until we raised sufficient funding to bring the technology in-house.

Good luck!

Answered 2 months ago

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