The market research is done now looking to hire someone two develop MVP. I have to queries; First: should I hire a development team or freelancers to develop the idea? Second: After development, QA and release do I need a development team on permanent payroll for support?

It is the old question of time vs money, that most entrepreneuer face.

First everyone assumes their idea is great. I am not talking to you personally but the statistics show that this is not the truth. Even with careful market research (not just asking Google and friends) there is always a chance your product will be a failure nobody wants. So would you rather have tanked 50k to 100k on an expensive MVP nobody wants?

So what is your alternative:
Finding a co-founder, who can code it: less risk/less reward
Finding an investor, who will front you the money: less risk/less reward
Using one of the many NoCode options like - almost no risk / but takes a lot of time risking being too late or never getting anything finished

So you see there is always a downside. You are the business owner. Only you know the scope of your idea. Only you will ultimately have to live with the consequences of your decision.

If you need help talking about the specifics, just give me a call. I am glad to help.


Answered 2 months ago

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