Hi, there is a list of contact details (business name, owner name, email address) for an industry I serve available online publicly. The listing has 20 contacts per page and the rest are opened via pagination. There are between 4 and 5 thousand, I want to take the list and add it to a spreadsheet to upload to an email marketing platform. Would I need to manually copy and paste every one or is there some automated way of doing it?

Agree with others that, if you really want to do this, hire someone via a freelancing site.

But I'd ask first whether you really want or need to do this. Emailing people who haven't raised their hand to hear from you will almost definitely result in low opens, little engagement, and a problematic sender score.

You're better off attracting leads to you rather than landing in their inbox uninvited.

This can be so hard when you're a new business and you don't yet have a list. You might have to rely on paid tactics (ads and social posts) more at first than on organic. But, with the right strategy and content, eventually your organic will overtake your paid and you'll have an engaged list that actually turns into leads and customers. Not unsubscribes.

Answered 8 months ago

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