These people are signing up, but when we send them an email to verify their email, they don’t do it. Either they don’t open the email or they open it and don’t click the link. When we send a reminder the same thing happens. What do you make of that and what should we do to get better follow through? Should we ignore these people or try harder to engage them?

Great question!

This potential issue is actually a good opportunity for you to sign up as a fake user (just add your email and information exactly how a normal email recipient would) and test the process end-to-end.

It is easy to have something small break as you have spent a lot of time, I'm sure, developing the detailed process. Take a step back and ensure the whole process is smooth and there are no potential for the email to break.

After this is confirmed, I would dig deeper into the analytics. What industry are you in? What are you looking at? Are these the right consumers for your market? All of these questions will help you get to an answer as to what the issue truly is.

If that doesn't work, the last step would be to send them an informal email (likely from another inbox at the same domain) and just ask the person for candid feedback. Often times customers will tell you everything you could have ever wanted to know, from a simple email.

I would love to work with you to get to the root cause of this issue and to help your business. Let's setup a call to discuss all the details!

Answered 2 months ago

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