I would like to do something which is meaningful for me and i want to work every and have good energy in my life. After doing the deep things and found the purpose where I can help people and also able to make money. But the problem, I got multiples, have you been there and how can come to conclusion to choose one and put the others later or forgot about it.

Almost every day people come to me to help him/ her find a purpose. Many had tried defining life mission, set SMART goals, develop strong passion, the law of attraction, you just name it ... but the outcome is unsatisfactory.

There are a few challenges that keep holding them back:

1. the purpose seems to be incorrect after some times
2. unsure whether the purpose chose fit you
3. Too many choices, wanted to take up as much as possible
4. over concerns what is your life mission
5. unable to align current goals to your life mission
6. lack of imagination to visualize 20-30 years vision
7. excessive focus on setting a schedule to achieve the goals

If you are facing the above, probably you need to consider looking for a robust framework that you can work on to a) find a purpose, b) progress smoothly. c) track progress. d) shape purpose, and e) create impactful values to bring more happiness to self and others.

Please feel free to contact me if you need me to help to align your thoughts through a clarification session or a coaching program to develop the purpose using our Growth Framework so that you can achieve a) to e) above.

Answered a month ago

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