I have 10 years of experience in procurement, supply chain building, quality, co-manufacturing and product development in the Natural and Organic Ingredient space, especially for the retail. I am also an entrepreneur as I co-founded a co-manufacturing & Private Labelling company in the Organic Food industry. We grew this company to $30M from scratch and supply clients such as Walmart, Cost-Co, Whole Foods, Trader Joe's... So here I have an extensive network of suppliers (own database of 3000 vendors gathered through my career), co-packers, packaging vendors, warehouse, distribution centers.. I have developed products for big buck retailers, renown CPGs like Pepsi or Nestlé and food start-Ups. And we are creating with my wife an Online Organic body care brand for kids and babies where we have developed our own line of products manufactured in Europe and Canada

The best people to answer your question would be the people you imagine bringing value to.

Develop a very clear picture of your ideal customer. Answer fo yourself questions like: who they are, who they admire, what matters to them (not what you *think* should matter to them), what problems they most need to solve, what problems they'd be willing to pay to solve, what their willingness to pay would likely be.

Go on a listening tour.

You probably already know a number of people who fit the profile, or who know people who do. And, generally, people like to be helpful (that's why Clarity & other platforms can exist).

On each call, your goal is to challenge your own assumptions.

If possible, record each call and push the recordings through Temi so you can focus on listening and asking good follow-up questions, then fully absorb the words (and find the patterns) afterwards.

Answered a month ago

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