I have 10 years of experience in procurement, supply chain building, quality, co-manufacturing and product development in the Natural and Organic Ingredient space, especially for the retail. I am also an entrepreneur as I co-founded a co-manufacturing & Private Labelling company in the Organic Food industry. We grew this company to $30M from scratch and supply clients such as Walmart, Cost-Co, Whole Foods, Trader Joe's... So here I have an extensive network of suppliers (own database of 3000 vendors gathered through my career), co-packers, packaging vendors, warehouse, distribution centers.. I have developed products for big buck retailers, renown CPGs like Pepsi or Nestlé and food start-Ups. And we are creating with my wife an Online Organic body care brand for kids and babies where we have developed our own line of products manufactured in Europe and Canada

In hindsight, looking at your experiences and exposure, I believe you are the best person to answer your question.

Being a successful serial entrepreneur, there no doubt your advice is invaluable. Evaluate and shape your new agency like what you had done to your previous businesses.

As of the current information, you had written, I am not sure had you already productize your services. If this is not done, maybe it is good to test your business idea by selling your services while productizing them to increase sellability, affordability, productivity, and delightful experiences. From real business transactions, you will able to gauge your value of services. Once certain core services being productized, you can start to explore incorporate technology into your product/ services to transform your value into a higher height by bringing personalized solutions to customers automatically and effectively.

As of now, all the best. If you have any question to ask, please feel free to contact me

Answered 2 years ago

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