I have a lot of ideas, and a lot of skills like making apps, dealing with APIs, app management portals, website building, IOT, data automation, web hosting & servers, general I.T., studio photography, videography, graphic design and more. I have all the skills to take an idea and create a logo, branding, and a website for that idea in a matter of hours, as well as then follow up with video demo or graphics for online ads and marketing and other (useful) things. Where can I find startups to help with my skills, to turn ideas into a business/ service with them, rather than for them, so I can actually share in the profits and build something long term? Like a niche website service, or an internal business app, or a SAAS type business. Thank you

I interpret my understanding of what you had written in a short summary:
"you come with skills (coding skills & IT management, i suppose) & ideas where you want to offer yourself to partner with a startup and grow with it - and you like to know how to make this happen"

There are many challenges that need to overcome before we even talk about offering ourselves to a startup:

1. Have you package yourself well so that you can market yourself easier and increase the chance to attract startups to take you in? You can't sell all your skills and ideas - your only saleable items are niche skills and valuable validated ideas.

2. Do you have personas for the startups so that you know who you are looking for?

3. It seems that you are very skillful and have many ideas, but these are professional's qualities and not an entrepreneur's qualities. To join as a team in the startup, you are acting as a partner rather than an employee. Have you conduct an evaluation or seek opinions from others on for entrepreneur's score or capability? In addition, you can't do everything from developing to maintain apps ... you probably will involve strategic planning to grow the startup and lead a small team when the startup grow - did you possess the necessary skills for theses?

4. It is essential to align your goals to your desires and how your involvement with startup affects your family and friends? This is critical to avoid making the wrong choices and developing unnecessary dissonance in the future.

If you have all the above, you know what to do next. Otherwise, contact me where I customise an advisory package based on what answers you have made.

Answered 3 months ago

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