I have a lot of ideas, and a lot of skills like making apps, dealing with APIs, app management portals, website building, IOT, data automation, web hosting & servers, general I.T., studio photography, videography, graphic design and more. I have all the skills to take an idea and create a logo, branding, and a website for that idea in a matter of hours, as well as then follow up with video demo or graphics for online ads and marketing and other (useful) things. Where can I find startups to help with my skills, to turn ideas into a business/ service with them, rather than for them, so I can actually share in the profits and build something long term? Like a niche website service, or an internal business app, or a SAAS type business. Thank you

Have you had a look on Google for startup + jobs + equity?

There are sites like who call themselves "the world’s largest startup community."

You can find interesting startups that are looking for cofounders and team members who will pay with a combination of salary and equity.

You wouldn't get profits but you would get a (small) share of the business.

Obviously, there's a risk calculation to be done with startups and how much money you may be prepared to lose in lost earnings if things don't go well.

Answered 3 months ago

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