Most millionaires that I talk to use either or QuickBooks. Currently, I have both because we are in the process of transfering everything to because they have a smaller % I think around 2.2% where QuickBooks is 2.75%. But their UI is way worse. So I just wanted to get your thoughts and tally up the people who use one vs the other. There are advantages of both.

Authorize is my choice. Don't use them directly-- set up your own UI.

Though, from a "millionaire" point of view you shouldn't be accepting CC for medium/large marketing jobs to begin with. Any firm with authority should be able to have a "check, money order, or transfer" policy. There are too many reasons not to do credit card.

Anyway-- if you'd like some more advice regarding how to take your firm to the next level, let me know and set up a call.

Answered 8 years ago

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