want a part time job (through online mode) by which i could help my family . please guide what should I do. contact:6266536614

There are several jobs that you can do.
Become a tutor: You can also teach things to your peers or juniors at college and charge them money for it. Keep your rates lower than professional tutors so that students see an advantage in studying from you.

Sell your craft: A lot of students choose to use their art for earning money. You will find a large customer base in your college itself and you can use college events to exploit the option.

Do online internships: There are people looking for candidates just like you and these are not very technical fields so you can easily do these things after college hours and make money while doing something you enjoy. A lot of youtubers started their channel with basic DIY or review videos and marketed them properly. Being surrounded by hundreds of people in college to spread a positive word of mouth is surely an advantage which can advance your channel.

Develop apps: Do not try to go very fancy as people mostly need help for basic stuff.

Become a part of experiments: These researches are easy and require you to answer basic questions which help them understand a concept better and come to a conclusion. You can also go for college experiments conducted by departments like psychology and earn money.
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Answered 3 months ago

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