I have developed a prototype and soon will be developing MVP. The problem I am solving has two users a corporate sector and second end user. I have a subscription model for corporate users but could not figure out end user monetization model. The end users are students and initially, my MVP will be based on students because the corporate solution is quite big and can’t be developed without an investor. To gain initial traction and prove my idea I decided to develop MVP on student solution which is a small part of the whole solution. I just want to figure out what should be the monetization model for a student app. I want to offer free service because students are always tight on budgets and students love free resources. If I offer free service how should I make money to manage the app?

Well done for what you have done so far.
It really depends what the service is that you're providing. There's the common advertising model (advertisements/ commercials on the app), or you could use the premium model (the students pay for added value features). Lastly, you could also add in-app purchases. But again, it really depends what the specific service is. Maybe students would agree that their basic info gets shared with companies selling the relevant service, in which case your business model would be leads.
Lots of options...
Good luck
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Answered 3 months ago

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