Hello there, I am planning to build an on-demand coaching platform, much like Clairty, in the college-admissions consulting space. I would like to know what options exist beyond just hiring a developer (or devp. company) to build it from scratch. Options that come to my mind so far are: 1) WordPress marketplace themes; 2) no-code solutions like Bubble; and 3) as previously mentioned, build from scratch. I would like to get your thoughts and advice on which solutions (both off-the-shelf and tailor-made) I should look at. Thank you for your time.

Every marketplace has some basic functionality requirements, such as creating a listing, communication between users, and handling bookings and transactions. Existing marketplace software will already have most, if not all, included. You can also develop additional features on top of the existing feature set, or at the very least, customize the look and feel of the marketplace.
Even though the software is open-source, hosting, updates, and maintenance incur monthly costs. If you can pay for multiple developers to do the work, the platform will be ready to launch a lot sooner than if you would be doing it yourself. In any case, it will likely be a lot less expensive than outsourcing the development of the marketplace from scratch. In any case, finding the best open-source software that is as fast and easy as possible to customize is a challenge.
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Answered 5 months ago

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