I'm involved in a foundation/organization in the Philippines called "little hands" which helps poor children with their needs. We need to reach out to more people. Where do we find the people willing to donate? What's our target audience? And as far as paid advertising, which one is better - Facebook (or twitter) or google ads?

This a very open question. My advice is start with who you know and either are connected to you or individuals in your organisation or to the area you work in and cause. There is many ways to target and segment to create a strategy for marketing and building a donor base. I have done this in a range of countries over the past 13 years and there is no one way to do it but there is common mistakes. There is a distinct difference between Marketing and Fundraising so engage some one that can help you in one you want. The first questions I would want you to answer is who are you already engaged with in your inner and outer circle. From this I would then help you work out if they are possible donors or advocates. Then you can work out clear on ramps for them to help you raise awareness and drive action in the form of donations. Book in a call if you want to explore further.

Answered 7 years ago

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