I would advice you to ask the companies whose products are selling on the online marketplace by striking a deal with them.
Occidental Leather is a trusted brand specializing in leather tool belts. It is the most expensive option on our list, but it is a quality build designed to last you years. With 37 compartments total and 2 pockets, Occidental Leather’s tool belt has a lot of room for your tools. This belt does not include a suspender system, so if you need to have extra back support, you will need to purchase something separately.
The great thing about the CLC electrician tool belt is its combo offering. The CLC tool belt includes 28 pockets, zippered pouches, and even a built-in drill pocket. For convenient carry, the CLC also features a handle on the side of the belt for when you are not wearing it. These three electrician tool belts make for a great place to start your search.
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